Fundraiser - Ultimate Dubai RF

Fundraiser - Ultimate Dubai RFE

The Gulf Region Division is proud to present with IVAO HQ the Ultimate Dubai Fundraiser RFE! Since the formation of the XG division, our goal was to boost the user experience of IVAO and to show how thankful we all are for IVAO. The generous donations of our users and sponsors keep IVAO alive and free! This RFE would like to empathise the importance of donations for IVAO and would like to raise awareness that every little contribution can make a big difference! 

After some meetings with Executives and BoG, the XG Division have offered to donate to IVAO 1 Dollar for each booked and completed flight during this RFE. All you need to do is just book a flight and fly, nothing else! 

If you wish to help IVAO even more with donations, all you need to do is login to the IVAO website and go to:

When you made a donation especially to help raise money during the Ultimate Dubai RFE, do not forget to fill the form to help us identify exactly how much money we have raised with this event:

Event Date: Saturday, 07th of April 2018
Event Time: 1600z - 2200z
Event Type: Real Flight Event (RFE)

Countries: United Arab Emirates
Airports involved: OMDB - Dubai Intl Airport

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Posted By: Ryan Taylor