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With experience in running VA’s from 2004, it was time that ALVA expanded its horizons. IAGV is modelled on the real world aviation group and incorporates four major brands under its wing. British Airways, Iberia, Veuling and of course Aer Lingus. Not only do we operate with the four airlines we also incorporate their subsidiary airlines. Open Skies, Iberia Express, Stobbard, Level, Aer Lingus Regional. The route system is a living breathing machine constantly adding and changing. It holds thousands of real world routes from all over the world.

Why choose Us?

Why Choose US.

We strive as a team to bring you the very best experience in flight sim aviation with a top website design to make it easier to find what you need and get to the place that you want. If and when IAG brings other brands under its wing, we'll incorporate them to.

We allow you, on registration to provide us with a link to your profile of other VA’s to enable you to carry hours over. This will then have an effect on your ranking and the routes you can fly.

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Our ranking system starts you off flying regional and some European routes, the more hours you fly , the quicker you will progress up to global long hauls and of course the more virtual money you will earn to spend on our jump seat agreement.

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Consolidating regional and global networks with over 3051 real world schedules.

Multiple Airlines

Select from the flagship carriers and subsidies of Ireland, the United Kingdom and Spain.

Advanced search system

Custom built search facilities.


An up to date fleet of 28 different airframes to choose from.


A unique feature to IAGvirtual which allows you spend your well-earned virtual currency we call it 'AVIOSvirtual'


Support for all platforms; FSX, P3D, X-Plane and FS2004

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People who have contributed enormously to our Company.

Board of Directors


Shaun Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Anthony Sadler

Chief Operations Officer

Divisional Managers


David Thompson

UK & Ireland

Technical Team


David López González

PR & Forum Manager