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  • EDDL
  • EDDM
  • EGCC
  • EGLC
  • EGSC
  • EKAH
  • EKBI
  • EKYT
  • ENBR
  • ENGM
  • ESGG
  • ESSB
  • ESSG
  • Description:

    Sun-Air is a Danish regional airline offering a number of domestic and European routes as a British Airways franchise. Sun-Air was established in 1987 as an air taxi and charter service. Its home base is Billund.

    In 2010 British Airways merged with Iberia and resulted in the formation of IAG (International Airlines Group), who is also the parent company of Aer Lingus, Iberia, Vueling and Level.

    British Airways owns the franchise of Sun-Air but also has another franchise agreement with South Africa's Comair. British Airways also owns the subsidiaries of BA CityFlyer and Openskies.

    Airline Stats:

    • Total Pilots: 0
    • Total Flights Flown:4
    • Total Aircraft:12
    • Total Hours Flown:7549:27:10
    • Passengers Carried:104
    • Fuel Burned (lbs.):11216
    • Miles Flown:2017
    • Total Schedules:43

    Principal Airline: