Flight BAW780

Pirep Flight Report

Flight Information

  • Departure Airport: London Heathrow Airport (EGLL)
  • Arrival Airport: Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (ESSA)
  • Aircraft: B763 (G-BNWZ )
  • Flight Time: 01.59.02

PIREP Details

Status: Accepted
  • Date Submitted: 06/18/2017


  • Commenter: Shaun Brown
  • Comment: Can you download the Kacars and use that tracker please Alberto. We will not be using the tracker on launch thanks

Route Map


Income from tickets: PAX (205) x Ticket Price (€ 2, 000.00)€ 410, 000.00
Fuel costs: Fuel Price (€ 5.10) x Fuel bought (37490lbs) + Service costs (€ 9, 560.00) - € 200, 759.00
Crew & catering costs: -€ 0.00
Pilot salary: Airline Income x Pilot salary percentage -€ 73.14
Gross profit: € 209, 168.00


[21:00:04z] Recording started...
[21:00:04z] User Aircraft: LACSA A320-212
[21:00:04z] Flight Phase: Boarding
[21:00:41z] Flaps 1 at 90 ft MSL with 0KIAS
[21:00:42z] Flaps 2 at 90 ft MSL with 0KIAS
[21:00:47z] Flight Phase: Taxi Out
[21:00:55z] Flight Phase: TakeOff
[21:01:38z] Gear Up at 331 ft MSL with 182KIAS
[21:01:41z] Flight Phase: Climbing
[21:04:13z] Flaps 1 at 8270 ft MSL with 241KIAS
[21:04:49z] Flaps 0 at 10064 ft MSL with 241KIAS
[21:16:07z] Flight Phase: Level Flight
[22:38:01z] Flight Phase: Descending
[22:46:37z] Flight Phase: On Approach
[22:47:28z] Flaps 1 at 8808 ft MSL with 233KIAS
[22:47:28z] Flaps 2 at 8782 ft MSL with 233KIAS
[22:53:24z] Flight Phase: Landing
[22:55:36z] Gear Down at 1998 ft MSL with 176KIAS
[22:58:00z] Touchdown with a vertical speed of -256ft/min
[22:58:00z] Landed
[22:58:00z] Flight Phase: Taxi In
[22:58:13z] Flaps 0 at 134 ft MSL with 68KIAS
[22:59:48z] Recording stopped
[22:59:48z] Max. Simrate: 1x
[22:59:48z] Client: CCFTracker Free
[22:59:48z] Client Version: 1.2