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Are you ready to use the callsign; Shamrock, Speedbird, Iberia and Vueling…

Welcome to the application page for IAG Virtual.

Please take a moment to read through the requirements and expectations of becoming a member of IAG Virtual. We recommend that you have a read through our Pilot Handbook and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) before commencing your application with IAG Virtual.

Requirements To Join
    In order to join IAG Virtual you must:
  • Be 16 years or older.
  • Be in procession of a legal and working copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS9 and FSX), Prepared3D and X-Plane platforms.
  • Be fluent and proficient in English.
  • Have access to an internet connection.
  • Be able to complete an IAG Virtual flight and submit a PIREP once every thirty (30) days.
  • Have read and agreed to all terms and conditions highlighted within the Pilot Handbook and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  • The applicant must submit their real identity.
  • Provide a valid IAVO or VATSIM Pilot ID.
New Pilot Information
  • All new members must file a PIREP within the first seven (7) days of joining to keep their account active or their account will be deleted from our system.
  • All members that are accepted by IAG Virtual with or without prior virtual airline experience, are assigned the rank of CAT-1 First Officer with ZERO (0) hours and ZERO (0) virtual money.
  • IAG Virtual does not and will not tolerate sandbagging.
  • New pilots cannot go on leave until they have served at least three (3) months as an active member.
  • IAG Virtual fleet consists mainly of the Airbus family fleet. These aircraft cannot be substituted. For more information please view our Pilot Handbook and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
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